Static Caravans For Sale In Northumberland – Where Do You Start?

Purchasing and owning a static caravan should be a truly rewarding experience. There are many static caravans for sale in Northumberland and the area offers a huge variety of locations and opportunities. There are lots of things to consider before even thinking of buying or looking at an actual caravan. I will explore some of these and hopefully you will find this a useful guide before spending your hard-earned money.

Questions to ask yourself

Before leaving the house, getting in your car and setting off in search of the perfect caravan you need to stop and make a list. In fact, several lists. You have probably visited all sorts of places in Northumberland and you will, no doubt, have a favourite or two. Bear in mind that your static caravan will be exactly that – STATIC. The most important list is the “Area Location List” and it looks different for everyone because we all have differing priorities. Mine looks like this.

  • Where could I spend nearly all my leisure time?
  • What sort of driving distance won’t put me off visiting regularly?
  • Can I get groceries with ease?
  • What area in Northumberland has enough happening nearby to keep me amused over a long time?
  • Is it susceptible to extreme weather i.e. very high up?
  • Are there pubs and restaurants nearby?
  • Am I within a reasonable distance to a hospital or doctors etc.?

Location is about so much more than scenery

When you finally purchase your Static Caravan you will only get value for your money if you get plenty of use from it. How many times have you gone on holiday somewhere beautiful and marvelous in every way only to decide not to visit again? My wife and I have some favourite holiday locations but we would never consider purchasing a Holiday Home there as it just would not be somewhere that we could spend the rest of our holidays.

Think about how you like to socialise (or not) and the ease of medical care and shopping, especially if you intend to be there for long periods of time. Simple things, like the availability of a morning paper, can be so important to some people. Do your questions list to suit your needs and tastes.

Northumberland – So many great choices

There are lots of unique areas in Northumberland so I cannot do justice to them all here – but you will find them in other posts on this site. However, the following will provide a quick overview of the larger areas and some climate considerations that you may wish to explore regarding your chosen static caravan area.

Coastal Northumberland

Starting at Berwick-Upon-Tweed, by the Scottish Borders, the stunning coastline travels south past the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve and Holy Island and then through Northumberland Coast’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty all the way to Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

The Northumberland Coast Path stretches from Berwick-upon-Tweed in the north to Cresswell in the south. It is some 60 miles in length and has breathtaking views. Along the path are such activities as Cycling, Wildlife watching, Water Sports, Horse Riding and Star Gazing. This is one of the best spots in England to look for the Northern Lights

There are great castles and islands along the route, so plenty to see. The walk can be done in 3 days or more. There are plenty of established accommodations along the way. I have had a very pleasant stay in Seahouses near Bamburgh Castle. It is a great little town with a beautiful harbour. There are many static caravan parks along the coast or just inland. Whilst they will get the cold Winter winds off the North Sea they should be somewhat protected, from freezing pipes, by the proximity to the sea.

National Park in a Nutshell

The huge Northumberland National Park stretches from the north of the county, down through the Cheviot Hills, all the way to Hadrians Wall. It almost merges into the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This vast area is renowned for a diverse range of outdoor activities and natural sights. It is also a rambler’s paradise.

The Cheviot Hills are particularly good for walking and have great locations for picnics or even a foot soak in the Harthope Burn. The area has an Iron Age fort and a fantastic waterfall at Linhope Spout (nearest access from Ingram). This is truly spectacular countryside with stunning views and real sense of getting away from everyone. The historic Pennine Way passes through the Cheviots as it nears its conclusion in the Scottish Borders.

There are a few static caravan parks on the outskirts of the hills and National Park. Check the altitude and local climate as severe cold weather, and snow and ice, could seriously shorten the amount of the year that you can safely access and comfortably use your caravan.

Hadrians Wall and Roman Northumberland

Hadrians Wall and the associated Roman connections would fill a book or two (and have done much more than that) The wall lies at the southernmost end of the National Park and right in the centre of the southern edge lies the immensely impressive old Roman Fort of Vindolanda

The scale of excavations, recreations and abundance of exhibits make a trip to this old Roman fort a must-see for anyone with an interest in history or construction. A great educational day out for eager minded young ones too. This world renowned site is only down the road at Bardon Mill. The museum alone takes you on a tour through those Roman times. But, the extent of the ongoing excavations is stunning and some recreated buildings enable one to visualise the fort as it would have been thousands of years ago. You can watch the excavation work taking place. For full information visit Vindolanda. You will not be disappointed.

This area is inland and away from the raw North Sea winds. It is also at a lower altitude than other inland locations and there is a good choice of parks in and around Hexham.

Historic Hexham and Corbridge

These two historic towns are very close to each other and are packed with beautiful buildings, great restaurants and all sorts of things to do, day and night. Hexham General Hospital provides a 24/7 service to the local communities.



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