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Welcome to LoveHexham.com. Here you will find an ever-growing resource of information on owning a Caravan Holiday Home or Holiday Lodge in Northern England and beyond. We also offer ideas and advice on Caravan Holidays and Caravan Holiday Parks.


My wife and I have many years experience working in the Caravan industry in many locations throughout the United Kingdom. We have also enjoyed owning a Static Caravan and many Holidays were spent with family members and friends (and by ourselves) at some fantastic Caravan Parks in great landscapes. We have met so many wonderful people and continue to do so.

Caravan Holiday Homes, Parks and Holidays are all about leaving the stresses of everyday life behind and having some quality time doing what works for you. The choices are many and varied but the “getting away from it all” feeling is a constant.


We want to share all the good things that we know about Static Caravans and we want YOU to share your experiences too. We can all help other viewers to make the right decisions about which Caravan or Lodge Park is a good fit for their needs, whether it is for a Holiday or a place to purchase a Caravan or Lodge. All of us have made wrong decisions at some time or other and hated the waste of precious time and money.

Please join us in providing a great information resource for others so that they get it right first time, every time.


If you are reading this you must have some interest in Caravan Ownership or Holidays. Please share your experiences with our readers. Please let someone benefit from your experience and please ask any questions on the site and we or another reader will endeavour to answer them. That’s how it works

All the best,

Des and Les

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